I'm still here

Hey guys! It's been a while. I'm still here, moving, shaking, painting.

Just a reminder you can find my updates here on my new blog! I post paintings and drawings, as well as artist's work. There's also delicious food photos and recipes.

I'm also on twitter and flickr. So if you're there add me, and we can keep each other company. ;)

Lastly, here is my latest piece!

Pre-selection, 2011. 12x16 inches. Oil and graphite on wood.

I'm good, i'm gone

If you haven't noticed yet, i'm gone. I'm not really going to post here all that often anymore. I've got a brand new blog. Please do check it out here: http://wishcandyart.blogspot.com/

It's re-vamped and has much more to offer than here. You can easily subscribe to it via RSS on the right side of the new blog. Or if you have a blogger account you can "Follow" it. There will be posts about: my art, where i find my inspiration, reviews of the tea i drink, reviews of the smell and content of books i read, aaaand even a few recipes. Of course i'll also add in snippets of my life and random roadtrips. There will also be a post about a super secret project i've been working on the side (slowly coming along!)

So what do you have to lose? Go and subscribe today.
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A note on my abscence

Wow, I just realized I have been absent for three weeks. I whole heartedly apologize. I've been assisting with my family's move into a new house. It's been somewhat stressful because we're moving from a normal sized home to a townhouse.

I'm still working on things. I have a lot of projects in the background that I can't show you yet. I've also been reading endless piles of information on minimalism from Everett Bogue, Chris Guillebeau and Tyler Tervooren. I've become inspired to transform my life into one i'm completely passionate about. I was already on a path towards be being a full-time artist, but they've left me with more confidence and less guilt.

So, i'll be making lots of changes in the next few months. Starting with the launch of a brand new blog, late this month. I'll still be checking my friends page here on LJ, but i'll be posting over on blogger. More details later. Secondly, i'll be selling off most of my belongings online. I have some unused items as well as some quirky stuff i don't use all that often. That includes a lot of art i've created, which i'll post on eBay for sale soon. I'll be sure to link to the sales.

Lastly, i'll be finally moving out next year. I was reading a post by Tyler Tervooren about adults in cradles, and it confirmed my desire to move out. I have my reasons for moving back home at the end of college, but it's time to leave again. Which is partly why i'll be selling my stuff. For freedom.

Sleepless nights

Lately I've been pretty busy making for "The End" show over at Compound gallery next month. I've been trying to fit in sessions of painting around packing and preparing to move. I've been spending many a day waiting, in my family's new home, for delivery men and handy men.

So instead of getting hours of sleep as a doctors recommend, I've been running on 4 hours or much less this week. Thankfully, the paintings are done. There is a feeling of completeness, but I do wish I could have spent more time working on them. When the move is over I'll have more time to work, and the smile will return back to my face.

Prints and originals

The originals are now up for viewing and for sale online from Monsterbation and The Dino Show. I've got three pieces for sale at each gallery, at reasonable prices. I've also put up some brand new prints and originals in my shop.

Here are the pieces i've been hiding until after the openings of both shows. (Monsterbation at the Pony Club gallery and The Dino Show at Double Punch).

Growing girls need their vitamins
Growing girls need their vitamins, oil and graphite on wood. 2010.

Dream a little dream of me
Dream a little dream of me, oil and graphite on wood. 2010.

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Remember, the Monsterbation show will be up until October 31st. The closing party will feature a Costume contest. And the pieces will be available for sale online until the end of November. The Dino show closes on November 7th. Be sure to check out these shows if you live near Portland or San Francisco!

Mmm baking

It's the perfect time of year for baking. The leaves are changing color, falling off trees, and floating in the wind. The cold is inescapable, but comfort can be found in sweaters, scarves, and warm drinks. The air begins to smell a way I can't describe. But not like cinnamon or pumpkin like many would believe.

It's the smell of death and decomposition. Of the plants of course...

*Ahem* My friend Jess and I decided to bake in my family's new home before anyone even moved in. To break in the new stove. We made Lemon cupcakes with lemon icing and a raspberry filling.

And of course, while i was grating the lemon (for the zest), I grated my thumb. Blood, sweat, and tears! All for baking!
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The idea of travel is exhilarating. Planning an adventure is a giant headache in reality.

I'm trying to figure out the logistics of it all. When to leave, how long to stay, the cost of everything. Plane tickets and train tickets. Can i teleport and stay on somebody's couch? Anybody in Portland and San Fran wanna house an artist for a few days? Seriously, will provide art for your kind hospitality. D:

Mad Men


Yes, I know i'm late to the bandwagon. I never knew what I was missing. But i've started watching Mad Men a few weeks ago. I started questioning my color palette until i fell in love with the 50s and 60s all over again.

I adore the coral pinks, lemonade yellow, mint green, powder blues, and vintage reds. It's quite lovely to see how cute Betty Draper is. Like a walking American Dream made of porcelain softly crying in dark corners. Or to see how sassy and bright Joan is, and how her jealousy of Peggy is a point of weakness.

I'll be exploring these two decades more alongside the 18th century.

Also: I hear Monsterbation was a hit! So thank you to anyone who went to the opening. I'm sorry I can't be there. The show is open until the 31st. And there will be a costume contest on the 31st!

Monsterbation (nsfw)


If you live in or near Portland you should check out the Monsterbation show! It opens on October 7th at 6pm at the Pony Club Gallery. Tell all your friends (fit for mature viewing of course). I'll have three pieces at the show. And there are a lot of badass artists showing there: JFish, Ambird, Jess Fink and Jonny Negron!

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